Instruction for doors storage, installation & maintenance

  • These door are Interior Doors.
  • All doors should have at least 1/4" (6MM) lipping on all four sides compulsory to protect the HDF skin / core-face veneer edges from britling, damage of corners swelling etc.
  • All doors should have a gap of 4mm after fitting onn all four equally from the door frame after fitting because wood expands due to termperature & humidity fluctuations, especially rainsy season, when doors jam.
  • Fit the doors without cutting (in original form) for est results. Only if required can e cut by 1/4" (maximum) from both sides equally and can e cut y 1" (maximum from the top (height). Do not cut the doors from the bottom
  • All WC & bathroom doors should have a gap of 3/4" to 1" (maximum) from the tile/floor level.
  • All doors shoul e stacked properly on minimum 3 equal wooden pieces placed at equal interval, the stackin area should e dry, ventilated, elevate flat & clean surface to prevent scratches on surface and should be covered with plastic sheet.
  • Fit door stopper immediately on erection (fitting) to avoid banging and subsequent cracks associated with it. fit aldrop/cylindrical locks or motorized locks to avoid wrapage.
  • All doors on all six sides should be painted / polished / melamine/ Pu coated immediately on fitting to avoid undue sbsorption of moisture, swelling, and fungus.
  • On delivery minor scratches not distracting the general appeearaces will not be considered as a defect. After proper inspection on delivery and complaint later regrariding damae of mouldin area will not be entertained for replacement.
  • Door frame should be properly allayment each other.
  • The Door frame slot should be equal through and for equal in size of door.
  • While fixing the frame it should be aligned properly to avoid bending tof the foor.
  • Do not use Petrol of such harmful chemical for cleaning for doors as it may cause damage to doors.
  • For trimming Use good sharpen or a new blade to avoid chipping on edges.
  • Use full threaded screws and not nauls. Fix them screw driver and not with hammer
  • On Flush Doors Put the Primer coat immediately after you receive the delivery to protect it from climate condition.