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Dormak Glass Doors are very elegant and mechanized door for glass fixing. It has internal skirting for insertion of glass.

A very elegant, Operative, handy & alluring designer door made on plain HDF Door with a special mechanism for fixing of glass without any hassle, user is just required to insert a standard size glass from the top, wherein there is prepared surface for the glass insertion that has to be done at site.

User can choose any glass of any style as per the standard size given. These doors are served without glass from the factory.

Size Availability:

Thickness 32 mm,35 mm in HDF Plain Door
Width 24 inch to 42 inch
Height 72 inch to 96 inch

Design choices:

5 Designs are available in catalogue for this category.

One side design with both side same pvc foil.

Membrane colours:

All basic shades are available.


These doors can be altered 25mm from each side.


Minimum average of 17 sqft needed for these doors.
Minimum delivery time 18days.

Installation instructions:

  • Glass door must be fixed carefully and for installation it has to be temporarily installed first & there on it has to be removed & after glass insertion from the top in the space provided, the final installation has to be done .
  • The glass size and thickness is standard. You can choose your own design for glass.
  • All the edges of the door should be properly painted and sealed.
  • In case the door is altered it should be properly planed after cutting.


First packed in PVC sheet then in corrugated box.

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