How does fire-rated door (Fire Doors) works at the time of fire?

When there is fire, the temperature increases from 600°C to 1000°C in couple of minutes and that burns out an ordinary wooden door in 5 to 8 minutes. Fire-rated door has a typical design to stand and perform in case of fire. Special high density door frame (door jamb) as per rating of fire rating 30 min, 60 min, 120 min are used, which has been specially designed. These frames have graphite, intumescent strips – which seal the door in case of fire, so that smoke can’t entre in the room.

  • Fire-rated core: While making the door shutter, special fire-rated door cores separately for 30 min, 60 min and 120 min have been used. These door cores have been designed with lots of research and development and have special structure. These door cores have property of slow burning and doesn’t allow fire to come another side of door for a specific time and at the same time, it provides insulation (that the temperature of inside the room doesn’t increase much because of outside fire)
  • Intumescent strips and pads: These are used in door frames and door shutter and under the hardware of the shutter. These strips expand up to 5 times of its thickness that refrain the smoke entering into your room or protected area. And the intumescent pad doesn’t allow the heat of the hardware enter into the wooden door which cause damage to door.
  • Smoke & Fire seal: This seal is put at the bottom of the door that doesn’t allow fire and smoke to enter into the protected area for a specific time.
  • Fire door hardware: Specific grade of stainless steel is used in making of the door hardware like hinges and mortise lock and screw.
  • Fire door testing laboratory: There are lots of international testing laboratories which are established like BM Trada, Chiltrin, and IFC (UK). These are major laboratories. They perform very stringent test on all types of fire-rated hardware, frames and doors to make sure the performance of the door and your safety.