What is the difference between conventional way of installing and new way of installing the door?

Conventionally, we used to buy wood then dry it for a longer period. Lots of wastage and man power involvement is there, we used to fix the frame with a hold fast at the initial level of construction, while the construction is going on these frames again become wet and lots of finishing issues occurs in the frame.

Advantages of Modern Technology of installation are as below:

  • Dry Method: Here doors are installed, when the final painting is going on the home with the help of PU-foam and fasteners.
  • Neat & Tidy Process: This is the neat and tidy process where finish of frame remains untouched.
  • Less Investment: Conventionally people buy the wood long before finishing stage of their house and dry it for a year; here you have to invest the money at the final stage of finishing in your house.
  • Cost estimation: In the Engineer frames you will get the exact cost of the door and frames as it comes as a whole and in conventional method multiple items comes from multiple places and lots of wastage, so you cannot calculate the exact cost.
  • Single Vendor involvement: Here you have to deal with one Vendor, who will make it, finish and install it. In case of conventional method more than five members are involved in this process.

Other advantages are as below……….

  • Timely delivery
  • Efficient uses of man -hour and resources.
  • Standard and specific quality of wood and material used.
  • Unlimited options.
  • Finished product at low cost.
  • Overall look and feel of the door.