Our Values

The Corner Stone of DORMAK is the Value System & Processes. Each of these Values is carefully woven into every decision that is taken at Dormak and reflects the Care and Commitment with which each Project is approached and executed.

Our Values

Customer satisfaction: Through a Combination of Transparency, Quality and Timely Deliverance, Dormak constantly pushes the envelope in order to achieve 100% Customer satisfaction and is always willing to go the extra mile for Customers.

Safety: Dormak takes utmost care to ensure the Safety of employees as well as Customers. Special care is taken from construction to the final stages of development so that each Property is absolutely safe.

Quality: Dormak takes great pride in the quality of Projects and continuously strive for Improvement.

Integrity: Dormak is equally committed to all Stakeholders— Customers, Joint Venture Partners, Employees and Vendors.